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Consumer insights & compliance to privacy requirements - What options for the digital media worl

"Creativity without Data is a shot in the dark" while Data without consumer consent is unethical and strictly forbidden in many instances. This might well become one of the major forthcoming challenges for the media industry !

At the end, it all comes down to what consumer is ready to accept. Suppose you enter a shop and a vendor happens to be available for you just when you need it, you might call this a pleasant shopping experience. Now, let's suppose you leave the shop, and notice the vendor is writing down information about you, and eventually pins your picture before filing this material. You might deeply dislike the situation, especially if you have not been asked for agreement !

No question, consumer acceptation is clearly at stake when behavioral media data is stored by Companies for further marketing and advertising usage. This could result in a dramatic reduction of media data availability for the next 10 years. From a media industry perspective, there are few options to resolve this:

  • AUDIENCE PLANNING as usual - Hoping that our good old audience planning practice will last for ever ! The recent ad blocking industry development is clearly challenging this assumption.

  • MEDIA & CONTEXTUAL PLANNING as usual - At least, there is no need to store and use personal information ! This implies very limited data usage and that the media industry is giving up in many instances delivering relevant advertising to the consumer (especially for Branding purpose).

  • MOMENT PLANNING (which is a new kind of real time audience planning) - This is about building in real time the last minute profile of any user, using it immediately to select the relevant advertising and erasing it. Since it is real time, there is no need to store the data and remember about any consumer !

Moment planning clearly combines the best of audience and media planning. Hopefully, it soon becomes a solution to leverage data while respecting consumer privacy for the advertising eco-system.

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