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2017 I-COM Porto: Winner of ‘Data Startup challenge’ for Real time advertising tech
2017 I-COM Porto: Special Award by Unilever for Real time advertising tech
2016 UDA: Award for data driven ad targeting project completed for GAN (Groupama company)

2016 (Patent pending) Low latency analytics of high throughput data streams

2008 Marketing Award for Data driven strategy project completed for McDonald’s Europe

2002 (Patent) Method for processing internet request files (with CNRS lab)


3 years program designed to push forward state of the art of recommender systems for retail (funded by ANR - Partnership with CNRS, LITIS)
3 years program designed to develop new practice for knowledge extraction from big data streams in the area of CRM, marketing and advertising (funded by FUI - Partnership with INRIA, Lille university, CNRS, LITIS)


An artificial intelligence solution for real time processing 5 billion daily data points in less than 10 ms.
Award winning solution for a DMP in the area of financial services

Award winning Data Marketing program based on artificial intelligence, for assessment of long term growth priorities and definition of strategic priorities. Deployed in more than 20 countries ...

DMP for specialty retail and services.

Monetisation programs.

Promotional engine for specialty retail catalogues

Recommender systems.

Life Time Value solutions for Retail and Service Brands.

CRM programs (BI, predictive, segmentation, knowledge extraction .. for Telecom, retail, financial service Companies.



"I have been client for a long time, working on marketing and consumer analytics. ... one of the best business partner I have worked with, as he combines incredibly deep, sound data science expertise with a very pragmatic business sense.
.. really gets the data to work, taylors meaningful and actionable solutions and reveals the insights with no black boxes.
Last but not least, .. personality brings everyone together. With calm and confidence, you can navigate through the storm very efficiently!"

Marketing VP - Mars Inc

"... one of the strongest data and quantitative research expert I have had the chance to work with.
He is strategic, innovative and very strong in technology and processes. Every time I worked with him, he has developed solutions that became a reference in the entire group. One of the best example was in McDonald's where his approach was leveraged worldwide."

Chief Customer Officer - Kingfisher plc

"I met when we started a joint venture in Hong Kong with the aim of expanding the Numsight data offering to both Hong Kong and China. Though I am not a data person, my marketing/advertising background clicked seamlessly with insights on big data. He groomed a solid data team and his expertise and patience won strong loyalty amongst the young group. I thoroughly enjoy our professional partnership as well as a strong friendship which last, despite my departure to join another firm."

President - Edelman China

"...a unique professional profile from the combination of many expertises in the fields of data analysis and marketing insight. 
Having worked on many occasions and over a significant period of time, I can testify that, for both small and very big set of data, he has this incredible know-how in getting the gist of complex data sets and transform them in marketing or business insights. 
Not only is he extremely hard-working and dedicated to everything he does, ... also a very creative person in designing new ways of combining new or existing methods in order to come up with original outcomes. For example, he was one of the very first to successfully utilize artificial intelligence and neural networks for segmentation purposes 17 years ago.
In addition, ... a very nice person in and out of the office, and I can only recommend him for any marketing data project."

CEO - A.I.P Zodiaque (Investment firm)

"... en 2014, je recherchais quelqu'un qui puisse m'aider à concevoir un dispositif digital peu onéreux pour capter une cible B2B, générer du trafic et retargeter les profils identifiés comme les plus appétant. .. m'a rapidement convaincu de l'intérêt de mettre en place une DMP et il m'a proposé d'en être l'architecte. Il a su trouver les partenaires nécessaires pour nous accompagner dans le développement d'une DPM "home-made", qui fut déployée avec succès en à peine 6 mois. Il conservait la main sur le cœur du "réacteur", à savoir l'agrégation et l'analyse de la data en temps réel pour activer en aval des segments de cookies scorés. Dès notre première grande campagne, ce dispositif a été couronné de succès et j'ai pu mesurer tout le savoir-faire ... Dans un monde de la data où beaucoup d'acteurs se vantent de savoir réaliser des choses complexes, .. reste modeste mais se distingue singulièrement. C'est d'abord un grand pédagogue, patient, qui réussit à passionner ses interlocuteurs sur le sujet parfois rebutant de la data. C'est ensuite un excellent marketeur, à l'écoute des besoins du client, perspicace et qui nourrit la réflexion en permanence avec de l'innovation. Enfin, c'est véritable expert du big data, doué d'une vraie vision et très méticuleux dans la mise en oeuvre et le fine tuning des projets. Au final, on n'hésite toujours avant de le recommander, de crainte de voir la perle rare partir travailler chez un concurrent !"

Manager CRM & Digital performance - Groupama

"... an excellent understanding of clients' needs and is able to develop innovative tailor-made solutions to meet these needs and enable fastest and safest strategic decision making. An excellent business partner and a nice guy to work with."

Managing Director Chocolats et Cacaos Favarger

"... an extremely competent consultant in his domain. We achieved outstanding results together in better understanding our client database. Thank you !"

Marketing Director - Bouygues Telecom

"... une large palette de solutions analytiques / datamining en fonction des problématiques clients (cross sell, upsell, retention, fidélisation...). 
... une riche expérience de secteurs d'activités variés (grande distribution, banque, télécoms, assurance...) pour les applications analytiques et outils d'aide à la décision. 
... une expertise en marketing et en informatique élevée lui permettant de mettre en place de bout en bout des solutions."

CRM & Research Director - ADLPerformance

"... a skillfull data scientist and he has an encyclopedic knowledge of tools in the field of CRM. I strongly recommend to people who are looking for a hardworking, sincere and solid person. Always positive and very friendly. ... an asset on both a professional and personal level."

Vice-President Digital Transformation - University Paris 13

"... a special combination of consumer understanding and technical insight that is critical to the development of advantaged products and packages."

Science & Technology Director - Mondelez

"... une aide précieuse pour analyser de gros volumes de données afin de comprendre les profils d'utilisateurs connectés à une Supply Side Platform, et plus tard pour accélérer les campagnes promotionnelles sur des cas client de la distribution spécialisée -- notamment de grands noms du e-commerce français. Le tout avec professionnalisme et dans la bonne humeur."

Chief Technology Officer - Performics

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