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leverage data drive competitive advantage

Competitive Advantage derived from Data, Analytics and AI

We help clients plan and adopt a Data Driven Culture

From quick diagnostic of situation to Data Vision, Strategy and Activation plan

Senior project and technical resources to increase speed & chances of success


Data available to businesses is evolving at an extremely fast pace : bigger, faster, more complex, less structured, and much more meaningful. Tools for processing data are evolving even faster with explosion of data science community, data availability, data processing power and open source practice.

Businesses are facing an explosion of new data related challenges, some of them being seen as critical business issues because of value at stake and complexity of solutions.



Data Driven Advantage is a Data & Analytics Company with a strong business and strategy focus combined to an extensive knowledge of data & analytics technology. Purpose is :

  • to help address unresolved business issues by providing together business and data experience

  • to help create innovative solutions that creates competitive advantage

  • to help build on latest AI developments, especially in the area of computer vision, automatic language processing and human / machine interactions


Data & analytics experience covers traditional practices as well as new artificial Intelligence / machine learning components from the academic / open source community.

Data Driven Advantage skill set is fuelled by a sectorial approach combining :

  • tracking of critical data related business issues 

  • screening of latest AI ML open source algorithms 

  • a long development expertise of high performance data processing streams that address and resolve business issues

Priority sectors

  • Marketing & (social) media

  • Consumer Goods

  • Cyber-security

  • Financial services

  • Auto Mobility

  • Retail

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